Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Tim Shephard - President and Director of Communication Strategies

An expert in Media Communications and Marketing with a decade of experience. Tim has worked at the Olympics and in Hollywood, started 2 media companies, traveled the world, worked on documentaries, and has been a lead videographer, editor and media manager for a multi-million dollar company in California. In 2014 Tim started One Thousand Voices (later becoming part of IS-CS Group) and over the past 2 years has spent time working in Lebanon collecting stories of the Syrian refugees and helping local NGOs improve their media and communication strategies through training workshops.

Daniel Shephard - Director of Implementation Science

An expert in education and evaluation with over 8 years of experience. Before IS-CS Group, Daniel was an Associate Fellow at the White House Social and Behavioral Sciences Team, Senior Manager for Research and Education at Aflatoun International, a consultant for the International Labour Organization, and a teacher. He has worked on revising curriculum content globally with dozens of non-profit and government partners. He holds a Masters in Evidence Based Social Intervention from the University of Oxford and has contributed to or led more than a dozen randomized controlled trials of innovative programs and over thirty monitoring and evaluation efforts -- including work in the middle east.

Advisory Team

Andreas Hein

Andreas is an expert in evidence based social intervention with a Doctoral degree from Oxford who directs the research and post-graduate school of social work at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Arian Gjikola

Arian has over 8 years of education experience. He holds two Master’s of Education degrees including from the University of Oxford. Arian has extensive expertise in Special Education, school readiness, English learning, and educational  research. He is a licensed teacher.

Alexa Varriano 

She is a ESL teacher licensed in New York holding two Masters degrees, one being  from  the  University  of  Oxford.  She  has  extensive  experience  in  school-wide  reform  initiatives,  especially  those  designed  to  help  teachers  use  data  to  improve  classroom outcomes. 


Daniel Shephard - Founder & Chief Executive

Daniel is a co-founder and a member of the board of The Implementation Science and Communication Strategies Group. On the board, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer. He is leading the organization’s day-to-day operations and project work as President. Daniel is also an affiliate of the Office of Evaluation Sciences, Nudge4 Solutions Lab, and a senior adviser and member of the board of Nudge Lebanon.

Tim Shephard - Founder 

Tim is the co-founder and a member of the board of The Implementation Science and Communication Strategies Group. He is currently the Digital Creative Director at Loch Harbour Group.

Messalina Tiro - Treasurer

Messalina is a stakeholder engagement and communication expert with 10 years of experience with multinationals. She has previous experience managing fundraising efforts for a large international non-profit.  She holds a degree in Communication and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Calgary.

Christopher Retts - Secretary 

Chris is a member of the board and provides input into the use of creative media to share the success stories of projects and on how to integrate film into projects. He took up a position on the board in 2018. He is an expert in film and communications. He is currently the Program Administrator at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center.